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About Us

About Us

LLC “Neftepererabatyvayushchiy Zavod Sosva” processes 280 thousand tons of oil per year.

NPZ SOSVA was established in 2007 as part of OAO Kondpetroleum (at the moment – TNK-Nyagan). Now the plant belongs to TNK-Nyagan and the Nizhnevartovsk oil refining production association.

In 2002, a plant for pouring light oil products appeared at the plant, and in 2004 its reconstruction was carried out.

Also, the Sosva operates an atmospheric distillation unit for V-6000 oil, which is designed to process products produced.

In 2008, the Sosva Neftepererabatyvayushchiy Zavod processed 151.3 thousand tons of oil, the output of oil products amounted to 57.9 thousand tons of stable gasoline, 19.5 thousand tons of fuel for jet engines TC-1 and 70.6 thousand tons of diesel fuel.

In order to improve the quality of products and services, the company introduced a quality management system and passed certification for compliance with international standards ISO series 9000, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Let out production

  • stable gasoline
  • aviation kerosene (TC-1)
  • diesel fuel
  • gas condensate distillates
  • granulated sulfur
  • coke
  • LPG
  • diesel fuel of Euro-5 standard (DT-L-K5

After the commissioning of the combined high octane gasoline reforming unit, the range of products will be extended with high octane gasoline of Euro-5 standard A-92 and A-95.